Who We Are

Women in Toronto Politics is a non-partisan grassroots group that amplifies women’s voices and promotes a more inclusive civic discourse for all women. For short, you can call us WiTOpoli (rhymes with “monopoly”!).

Through events, social media and other communication channels, we spark discussion in the broader public discourse about how city issues might have different impacts based on gender and other aspects of identity (e.g. race, class, ability, sexuality). We also challenge the ways our existing civic discourse may be hostile to and/or dismissive of women as politicians, media workers and engaged residents. Finally, we create inclusive spaces, online and offline, for women and trans people to share ideas and discuss municipal politics and city-building.

Join the discussion on Twitter (#WiTOpoli / @WiTOpoli) or our Facebook page.

14 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. It would be interesting to know which of the candidates live in their respective wards. If they do not, how can they know well the local issues?

    • I’m Rob Wolvin, a candidate for Council, in Toronto-Rosedale Ward 27. I sent my responses to your survey about a week ago and am still listed as having NOT responded. Will your website be updated soon?

      • Hi Rob, our web developer is going to be adding new survey responses to the website regularly, but not every day. She has been notified of new responses and will be adding them in short order.

      • Thank you for your prompt response. I will continue to monitor your site. I hope my responses will be seen as an invitation for dialogue and not necessarily rigid positions. I have impressions, but I seek to REPRESENT Torontonians, with disparate experiences, knowledge and expertise, that can, undoubtedly, inform progressive solutions, beyond my own. I want to be a part of finding solutions to challenges that face Ward 27 and Toronto.

  2. I read about your work in Elizabeth Renzetti’s column in th Globe and Mail. I had to hunt around for the political primer page. Maybe you could a link to this home page and visa versa.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Laurie, will do! The sticky post on our blog page is about the Position Primer, but we should definitely link to it on our homepage too :) The Position Primer website does prominently link to our website so we should be good to go in that regard. We appreciate the suggestion, thank you for getting in touch with us!

  3. Just wanted to say thanks for putting the Position Primer together. I know that it took a lot of work, but seeing my ward’s candidates side-by-side made it much easier to narrow down to just two choices, instead of 6 or 8. Thanks again!

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