Who We Are

Women in Toronto Politics is a non-partisan grassroots group that amplifies women’s voices and promotes a more inclusive civic discourse for all women. For short, you can call us WiTOpoli (rhymes with “monopoly”!).

Through events, social media and other communication channels, we spark discussion in the broader public discourse about how city issues might have different impacts based on gender and other aspects of identity (e.g. race, class, ability, sexuality). We also challenge the ways our existing civic discourse may be hostile to and/or dismissive of women as politicians, media workers and engaged residents. Finally, we create inclusive spaces, online and offline, for women and trans people to share ideas and discuss municipal politics and city-building.

Join the discussion on Twitter (#WiTOpoli / @WiTOpoli) or our Facebook page, or contribute to our work by donating below on Paypal or Patreon.

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1 thought on “Who We Are

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for putting the Position Primer together. I know that it took a lot of work, but seeing my ward’s candidates side-by-side made it much easier to narrow down to just two choices, instead of 6 or 8. Thanks again!

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