The Women in Toronto Politics (#WiTOpoli) panel series was inspired by a blog post authored by Alicia Pang (aka: @neville_park), #WiTOpoli panelist and one of the rare prominent females in the #TOpoli Twitter community that dissects local politics. Neville’s blog pointed out that while women have a vital stake in municipal affairs, the discussion about Toronto politics remains male-dominated on Twitter. Unfortunately, the situation on Twitter is a microcosm of the male-dominated conversations that take place in the mainstream media and on the council floor. What does this mean for conversations around Toronto’s kitchen tables?

#WiTOpoli‘s two panels will examine this problem from the perspectives of female politicians, journalists, educators, and active citizens.

  • On May 23, The Comment Section panelists will discuss how women’s voices figure into conversations about Toronto politics and municipal affairs. This panel will identify Twitter as a key medium through which these conversations take place, but also address the many other spaces in which political conversations occur.
  • On May 30, The Front Page panelists will examine how female players in the political sphere are discussed on Twitter, in the media, and elsewhere. This panel will analyze the nature of political conversations about women, and the influence that these conversations exert on women’s political action and expression.

Together, we aim to generate ideas about how to include and support more female voices in online and offline conversations about Toronto politics. Join the discussion by attending one or both of these events! If you’re not able to come in person, you can submit a question for #WiTOpoli panelists either right here, on Twitter (#WiTOpoli / @WiTOpoli), or via email.

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  1. Congratulations on your new website! Your goal to get more women into Toronto Politics has my full support! Please make sure to include stories from the women activists who work on less visible projects in Toronto, like Community gardens and sustainable urban agriculture. Looking forward to your future successes!

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