WiTOpoli Weekly: Friday, June 20


A roundup of some of the latest news in women, Toronto, and/or politics this week. What stories did you read this week? Tell us in the comments.

  • After initially being denied visitor visas to attend the WorldPride Human Rights Conference at U of T, 6 of the 10 Ugandan activists invited to the conference were granted visas this week. This case provides insight into the bureaucratic barriers faced by LGBTQ immigrants who move to Toronto permanently, as demonstrated by the personal stories featured in this week’s The Grid
  • Echoing the same sentiment expressed at rallies across Canada, sex workers gathered in downtown Toronto to protest the Harper government’s proposed sex work legislation, Bill C-36
  •  …And one key author of that legislation, Justice Minister Peter MacKay, stunned some local Toronto lawyers at a meeting by claiming that lack of women and visible minorities on federal courts is because they’re just not applying
  • After Councillor Giorgio Mammoliti referred to Parkdale as a “pedophile district”, Councillor Gord Perks encouraged his constituents to use the hashtag #ParkdaleLove to counter that claim, and the Hogtown Twitter universe responded in droves
  • Chief Toronto City Planner Jennifer Keesmaat calls for a national transit and housing strategy that would enable our cities to welcome new immigrants

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