WiTOPoli Weekly: Friday, January 30

A roundup of some of the latest news in women, Toronto, and/or politics this week. What stories did you read this week? Tell us in the comments.

  • The City of Toronto has rejected the line of credit offered by the province to balance the city’s budget. The draft budget Tory revealed last week was dependant on receiving this loan. As the budget continues to be debated in council, it is unclear what adjustments will be made to move forward.
  • Toronto police are investigating an incident that was caught on videotape this week, in which young black man is asked for his vehicle documents but never told why he is being investigated, and is eventually arrested. The exchange took place in an area where residents have previously complained about unnecessary police interactions, as documented in the Community Assessment of Police Practices survey.
  • Researcher David Hulchanski has updated his research on Toronto’s income inequality, revealing that the gap continues to widen. While incomes are increasing in 28% of the city, incomes are dropping in 40% – largely in the inner suburbs.
  • A Toronto police officer was acquitted of an assault charges this week, after beating a journalist during the G20 protests. After charges were dropped, the reported shared her story with the Toronotoist.
  • The University of Ottawa is taking steps to address sexual assault on campus by implementing key recommendations made by a sexual violence task force. The task force was created in part as a response to the sexual assault charges against members of the school’s hockey team.
  • On Monday, the Ontario government announced various policy revisions regarding the treatment of trans inmates, ensuring that trans prisoners will be housed with inmates of their own gender. The changes were prompted by the passage of Toby’s law in 2012, which enshrined gender identity as protected under the Ontario human right code. Activists are continuing to advocate federally for bill C-279 to protect trans folks across Canada.
  • Earlier this week, the two young activists behind the We Give Consent campaign joined Premier Wynne to discuss how the topic of consent will be integrated into the new Ontario health curriculum.

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