Meet WiTOpoli’s New Operations Team!

Back in May 2012, two panel discussions explored the role that gender plays in our discussions about Toronto politics. The electricity in the room was palpable – and it sparked a dialogue that we had no idea would turn into an organization, a community. But here we are: Women in Toronto Politics, three years later, hosting workshops and karaoke nights and mixers and creating online resources and metaphorically dedicating Shania Twain’s “Still the One” to each other as we move together toward a gender-inclusive civic future. WiTOpoli: we’re still together, still going strong ❤

As we move toward that future, it becomes clearer just how big the scope of our work needs to be, and how many different heads and hearts and hands we need to do it. So our steering committee went looking for operations team leads in four areas: Programs, Equity, Communications and Development. We found so many awesome women that it was, tbqh, impossible to choose only four people – and besides, eight heads are better than four. And we’re preeeeeeetty sure 14 heads are better than eight.

So without further ado, here are the 14 heads (and hearts and hands) who we’re proud to announce are taking the reins and leading WiTOpoli – and our community – toward a more inclusive civic future.


RudaynaRudayna Bahubeshi, Program Co-Lead
Rudayna is passionate about learning, conversations about social change that amplify marginalized voices, Toronto’s arts and culture offerings, and civic engagement, but she’s most excited about bustin’ broken systems in our city wide open with you.


Kate Bangay, Program Co-Lead
Kate is an idea explorer and knowledge collector who is deeply committed to pedestrianism, sparking and participating in meaningful conversations, supporting art and artists and consuming coffee.


lauren-atmoreLauren Atmore, Volunteer Coordinator
After wrapping up her degree in Ottawa,  Lauren moved to Toronto where she enjoys what the city has to offer. In her spare time she likes knitting, travelling near and far, finding new Toronto neighbourhoods to explore and hanging out with her cat.


Amrita_01 2Amrita Kumar-Ratta, Research & Policy Coordinator
Amrita is a lifelong learner, a passionate traveler and a self-proclaimed transnational feminist activist. She adores social policy research, loves to ask hard questions and is a firm believer in “thinking globally, acting locally”. She finds her self-expression in dance, literature and theatre. 



FarahFarah Naaz Mawani, Equity Lead
Farah works at the nexus of human rights and mental health, as Founder of Building Roads Together and Farahway Global, and as a Centre for Social Innovation Agent of Change: City Builder, periodically taking chocolate breaks.




Dinoba Kirupa, Equity Liaison (Programs)                                   Dinoba has graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in Political Science, minoring in Gender Studies. She has been actively involved in Canadian politics for many years and volunteered for various organizations seeking to address social inequality. In her free time, Dinoba enjoys taking part in debates, working out, and rooting for Daenerys Targaryen.




Ikram Hassan, Equity Liaison (Development)
Ikram is entering her fourth year of a Sociology degree at Ryerson University. In her spare time she is passionate about pursuing her interests in social issues, social justice, and activism.


AlejandraAlejandra Ortiz, Equity Liaison (Communications)
Emigrating from Colombia at a young age, Alejandra has embraced her new home (though maybe never the winter…), dedicating herself to public service while pursuing her passion for women’s issues.



Lauren SLauren Simmons, Communications Co-Lead
Lauren is a high school teacher and activist with the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF), who can frequently been seen cycling between farmers markets and craft beer bars in Toronto’s East End.

AbbyAbby Plener, Communications Co-Lead
Currently pursuing a Masters in Journalism, Abby has a background in project management and communications, and enjoys writing about gender, politics and pop culture.


Jess LJessica Lyon, Media Relations Coordinator
Jessica is passionate about social justice in the context of heath. Her career has focused on developing community level resiliency to HIV/AIDS, and she is an ardent advocate for the cultivation of femme-friendly spaces across sectors in Canada. 


SonyaWilliamSonya William, Communications Plan Development
Fuelled by late-night char siu buns and inspiration from The Rock’s Instagram, Sonya has bolstered voices and community activity through communications for non-profit film groups around the world.



The Development team makes WiTOpoli’s programming possible and accessible to as many Torontonians as possible by planning and coordinating all fundraising initiatives for the organization, including memberships, stewardship events, crowdfunding campaigns and grant applications. For further inquiries, please e-mail

To celebrate our third birthday, the team recently convened with facilitator Dyanoosh Youssefi (a truly wonderful social justice advocate, lawyer, prof and 2014 council candidate) to wrap our heads around a formalized vision, mission and values for WiTOpoli. A few team members are finessing these core guiding principles as we speak, and we’ll be sharing them with you all later this summer. As a teaser, here were some of the keywords we came up with during the session (and yes, one of the “keywords” IS an all-seeing eye with long eyelashes).

Over the coming months, WiTOpoli will be announcing other ways to get involved: as a member of the operations team or steering committee, or as an occasional volunteer. If you want to make sure you hear about these opportunities, get on our email list!

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