WiTOpoli Weekly: Friday, November 6

A roundup of some of the latest news in women, Toronto, and/or politics this week. What stories did you read this week? Tell us in the comments.

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed 31 new cabinet members, 15 of whom are women. This will be Canada’s first gender-balanced cabinet (see the full list here). Plus, check out the TVO blog for some thoughts from WiTOpoli’s Alejandra Ortiz and others on gender parity in the cabinet.
  • Trudeau also announced that the long-form census will be reinstated, a key tool for researchers and city planners.
  • All 40 Toronto councillors endorsed TO Prosperity: Interim Poverty Reduction Strategy, marking a commitment to reducing poverty in 20 years. However, councillors largely disagree on how to fund the strategy.
  • Ontario elementary school teachers (ETFO) signed a tentative agreement with the province, avoiding a legal strike which would have included an extracurricular withdrawn. Secondary school teachers (OSSTF) employed by the Toronto District School Board, however, are engaging in a local legal strike action, as local issues remain unresolved, but extracurricular activities will not be affected by this job action.
  • Following a Toronto Board of Health report, Toronto councillors vote 34-3 in favour of a motion banning the use of hookah pipes in restaurants.
  • On November 5, Hydro One Ltd. hit the Toronto Stock Exchange with 15% up for sale. The sale of Hydro One shares is the first step in privatizing 60% of the electrical utility organization.
  • Auditor General will release a report by next spring reviewing the $3.75 million given by the Ontario government to three teachers unions for bargaining costs.

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