Get Involved

If you’d like to apply to be on our list of volunteers, please fill out this short form. We’re looking for a group of volunteers to help WiTOpoli with all the events and initiatives we coordinate online and across the city. From blogging and boosting a hashtag to sourcing vendors and researching policy, we need a team with a diverse skill set and a desire to help amplify women’s voices and promote a more inclusive civic discourse.

If you have any questions or comments, e-mail Lauren Atmore, WiTOpoli’s Volunteer Coordinator:

We regularly need volunteers in the following areas:

  • Bloggers: Join our roster of writers or send us a pitch of your own! We’re looking for content that highlights how #TOpoli is impacted by equity issues, such as gender and other aspects of identity (e.g. race, class, ability, sexuality). Click here for more info on how to send a pitch.
  • Graphic Design: Design posters, social media headers and other key graphics to promote WiTOpoli events and projects in style. Experience in Adobe Creative Suite is required but creative direction and other support will be provided.
  • Community Outreach: Form connections with people and groups across the city to support WiTOpoli’s initiatives.
  • Event Helpers: Taking e-mail addresses for our mailing list, setting up tables/chairs/snacks, answering questions about what we do.
  • Research: From sourcing a good vendor for WiTOpoli mercy to understanding a policy issues from all angles to help support our bloggers.
  • Miscellaneous Tasks: Sometimes we don’t know what we need until we find it – this may include child-minding, translating, driving, special certifications and more!

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