Intrigued but a bit overwhelmed by the prospect of joining the #TOpoli conversation on Twitter? The best way to get started is to follow a bunch of interesting people, so why not check out @WiTOpoli’s lists of people and organizations to follow?
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Want to dive (or even just dip a toe) into analyzing and influencing municipal politics, but not sure where to start? Here are a few organizations doing great work in the field.

Equal Voice: Dedicated to getting more women elected to public office in Canada. Visit them to learn more about their research, programs, and ways you can get involved.

Student Vote: Engages elementary, secondary and post-secondary students in the electoral process, to cultivate a lifelong interest in civic participation. Resources for educators are available upon request.

Samara Canada: Charitable research organization working to improve political and civic engagement in Canada. Check out their website to learn more and to get involved.

Toronto Regional Champion Campaign (TRCC): One-year mentorship program in which each of Toronto’s 15 female councillors impart the role of a municipal councillor to two young female protegees from diverse communities.

Informed Opinions: Supporting female scholars and other experts in maximizing the accessibility of their opinions and commentary for media outlets, ensuring more women are able to influence the public policy agenda.

Toronto Women’s City Alliance: Community and advocacy group working to end the silence and invisibility of girls’ and women’s voices and issues from the political agenda in the City of Toronto.

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