WiTOPoli Weekly: Friday, June 19

A roundup of some of the latest news in women, Toronto, and/or politics this week. What stories did you read this week? Tell us in the comments.

  • At this week’s Toronto Police Service Board meeting, the board voted to adopt reforms on carding that were previously proposed in 2014 but rejected by Bill Blair. The decision to reform the practice instead of ending it contradicts Tory’s previous promise made last week. Under the new policy, officers should tell residents as much as possible that they have a right to refuse to provide their information to police, and they should only be stopping people when there is a genuine public safety concern.
  • There are still questions as to what will happen to information that has been collected thus far from carding, and how new provincial regulations may affect the practice once they’re implemented in the Fall. The TPSB meeting also brought news that chair Alok Mukherjee will resign, who has been vocal about carding reforms. His potential successor Andy Pringle has connections to both Tory and Bill Blair.
  • Stephen Harper announced federal funding for Tory’s SmartTrack on Thursday. The funds promised may cover up to a third of the proposed budget for SmartTrack. The feasibility of the the SmartTrack plan is currently being studied.
  • Women in Toronto’s food industry are taking up the hashtag #KitchenBitches and planning a September panel on harassment in the workplace. The campaign, largely spearheded by The Black Hoof’s Jen Agg, was inspired by the story of Kate Burnham who has taken her complaint to the Ontario Human Rights Commission.
  • Canada’s Chief of Defence Tom Lawson received major backlash for saying men are “biologically wired” to commit sexual assault.
  • In Ottawa, the OC Transpo service has developed a new tool to make it easier for bus riders to report incidents of sexual harassment.
  • As we all reflect on the Charleston shooting, learn more about the Emanuel AME’s tumultuous history and click here if you’d like to donate to the church itself.